5 Essential Things You Need To Tell Your Building Contractors

Construction of a structure or a space falls on the shoulders of trusted engineers and architects in Dubai. Their skills and expertise is needed to ensure that your dream space is constructed and built based on your requirements and preference.


But clients also play a major part in the success or failure of a project. If you are having to meet your contractors anytime soon, here are some things that you must relay to them:


  1. The building design you have in mind


When you are meeting with your contractor, it would be best if you already have a design and look in mind. The contractors and engineering consultants in Dubai would probably ask you about the design you want, but it is best if you can show them some pegs for visual reference. Try to print or save some building and interior designs that you can show your contractors. But do not expect that they will create the exact replica. They would probably submit a number of designs based on what you want.


  1. The functionality that you want to add


Apart from the design, you also need to tell your contractors about the functionality and features that you want to be present on the space. More than the design, the space should be usable and also meet the needs of the space users. Be clear with the functionality that you want to include and ask whether if they are feasible given the design that you want.


  1. The materials that you want to use


Clients expect that their structure will last for a very long time. Apart from how they are made, it is also important to know what kind of materials should be used to create a solid foundation of the space. But apart from strength and solid foundation, you may want to consider going for sustainable construction and building materials that leave minimal environmental footprints.


  1. The budget you have for the project


It is important that the contractor knows the working budget so they can create plan based how much you can provide to finish the construction. Ask them for a quote based on your specifics and let them know if your budget will fit into the plan that they have.

  1. The timeline you have in mind


A realistic timeline is needed to ensure that the team will be able to deliver quality output and finish the project without problems and issues. Manage your timetable expectations and be ready with delays and adjustments.


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