Interesting facts about Ferrari

You have heard about Ferrari, may be most of you having travelled in Ferrari or may be some of you don’t know about Ferrari. Well its Luxury sports car which is manufactured in Italy and Enzo Ferrari was founder of this car. These men built this car in 1940. But company’s inspection as auto manufacturer is recognized in 1947 when this car was completed. In 2014 Ferrari was rated as the world’s powerful brand. And in June 2018 1964 250 GTO became the most costly can in the history, record selling price of this car was 70$ million. To keep it in perfect shape you need Ferrari service at least once in a month. This helps for maintain the car. Maserati service center provide you best services for Ferrari. Here are some interesting facts about Ferrari which we are going to let you know.

  • Did you know that a two seater car in the renowned AWD or 4WD has never been offered by Ferrari even when it was being rivaled by names like Porsche, Lamborghini etc. four seater cars was introduced in AWD. Ferrari utilizes the sophisticated control system to make sure the level o safety that other typically uses AWD for.
  • Well Ferrari also refrained from manufacturing an SUV and don’t want to make it. Where the rivals of Ferrari such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati who have made an SUV. Ferrari is focused on manufacturing its racing cars and is not going to make even a four door sedan.
  • It is the only vehicle manufacturer out there that owns its very own dedicated race track for the purpose of testing. For those who do not know, the Pista di Fiorano happens to be a 1.86 mile track where the every corner is designed particularly to test out the different aspects of the vehicles chassis, road holding, braking capabilities. It is also useful to stimulate corners from number of a range of Grand Prix tracks all over the world.
  • The basic mission to built Ferrari was racing cars. It is largely known that its street cars we just a mere means of gaining finance for racing division. But with the passage of time street cars started to build their own identity and importance. With time, these have become so important that people purchase them all the time.
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