Working of skin whitening injections

Injections for skin whitening have become a very common practice. These injections are supposed to get you a fairer skin tone and making it clear by removing all scars and pigmentation from skin. They also claim to get you a better skin texture more stiffed and moisturized skin. In shot these injections promise you best skin with whiter color, glowing texture and disappearing wrinkles and lines. It comes as a solution to your all skin related problems.

What is the nature of treatment? Skin whitening injections are mainly made up of glutathione which plays a key role as antioxidant. It also comes in pills form and can be takes as skin whitening pill. In real this substance, glutathione is used for many treatments like acne, HIV, cancer, Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis and diabetes. But among all, it is most demanded in skin whitening treatments. Experts have combined glutathione with Vitamin C for the treatment of skin. 1.25g/5ml of Vitamin C is added in 600mg glutathione to make one injection and this injection is taken once in 3 days to get desired results. You can increase the dose for faster results.

Time duration
: You can discuss it with your doctor that how long should it go to get the best results. After completing one set of 10 ampoules, you start taking 1-2 injections in a month. And then it reduces to once in 6 months. You can take this treatment in form of drips as well instead of injections.

Drawback of whitening injections:
The key component glutathione can also cause vomiting, nausea or abdominal pain if your body doesn’t accept it. It happens to many people when they start taking this treatment, with the time it reduces but never goes completely. Discuss your body type, skin type and diseases with your doctor before taking this treatment. Also tell your doctor about your allergies and other medical disorders.

Although this is an easy and somehow permanent way to get your desired skin through skin whitening injections but it comes with some sacrifice as well. During the treatment you have to avoid some kind of foods as well in order to get fine result. If you do not want to take this treatment for skin whitening then you can go for natural ways to have perfect skin. Organic products can also get you flawless skin; you just have to make a little effort for that.  Find out here now more information in this regard.

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