Things to know about Al Bastakiya, Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous travel destinations around the world. What started off as a deserted land, it has managed to develop itself into a truly vibrant city. However, once people become mesmerized with the captivating beauty of the city, they end up ignoring its tradition and history. One of the villages that mostly gets overlooked is that of Al Bastakiya. As a basket of history, the village was constructed back in the year 1690. As one of the oldest residential areas known to have developed in Dubai, it is situated along Dubai creek and Al Fahidi Fort.

History of Al Bastakiya

Derived from Bastak the name Al Bastakiya is one of the regions of Iran. Back in the days, most of the properties here were owned by Persian machetes. They are said to be the owners of sixty housing units and traditional wind towers. But as oil was discovered, a majority of the families were forced to leave the village. With the passage of time more than half of the Bastakiya region was smashed in the year 1970 so that an official complex could be developed for the ruler of emirates. The Dubai municipality was soon to bulldoze the remaining area but Prince Charles and his keen love of architecture played a significant role in saving Al Bastakiya from demolishment.


A tour of Al Bstakiya will allow you to experience the perfect fusion of history and modern architecture. It is one of the most important heritage areas of Dubai and is open throughout the week for tourists. Every house there features traditionally made wind towers known as Barjeels. Back in the days these wind towers were used so that cool air could enter the house. The main doors of the houses are built with short inner doors so as to depict a certain cultural behavior, which states that a man should not face women directly while bending down to enter the house. There are charming narrow lanes and old style buildings and houses that depict the overall tradition, culture and history of the area. There are galleries, art cafes, hotels and posh restaurants as well for you to visit.

On the whole, if you want to witness the true tradition, history and culture of one of the oldest residential areas of Dubai, then it is highly recommended for you to visit Al Bastakiya during your Dubai tour.

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