5 Signage Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your store signage is an unknown factor that can affect your sales performance. Some business owners think that the store signage is installed for the sake of giving a store a name. But it can help increase your store’s profit in many ways than one. It can help drive store visits and also introduce your brand to customers who are yet to know your business.

Which is why it is a must for you to design a signage that is not only aesthetically pleasing but strategic as well. To be able to do that, be sure to avoid these design mishaps:

  1. Not keen on using the brand colors

Although it is quite tempting to use bright colors, it is not always applicable, especially if it is not your brand. Branding is what makes a business unique and distinct – from the graphics they use right down to the colors that represents the company values. Not using your brand colors in marketing collaterals is a missed opportunity to introduce your brand identity,

  1. Putting too many elements

Another common mistake that most graphic artists commits when designing a signage is trying to cram everything in one signage. You need to bear in mind that people who look at your store signs do not have the time to read everything. Make the store signage as simple as possible. Say what you need to say in a concise manner. If necessary, you two signage if you want to tell more.

  1. Lacking consistency

Some retail store put two or more signage, especially when they are having a sale. But most of the time, these signage lack consistency. Not having a consistent theme can only confuse your audience. Be sure to create design that follow a unified concept and try to align them to your brand identity.

  1. Using low resolution graphics

All signage companies in Dubai would agree that it is a cardinal sin to use graphics that are of low quality. Same goes with photos. Using low quality photos and graphics would ruin the overall signage design. Be sure to provide graphics and photos that are unique and of high quality.

  1. Using the wrong typeface

The readability of the signage would all depend on the font and typeface. Using fonts that are not legible will render your signage useless. The point of having a signage is to relay a message. If your audience would not be able to read it, then it is a complete waste of money and effort.

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