Differences between nannies and babysitters

What do you do if you have children and no family nearby but you are interested in heading out of the house for some quiet adult time? One of the first solutions to this issue that will come to your mind is that of hiring a babysitter. In most cases, this would probably be someone a friend of yours knows or a teenager from down the street who would come to your house to look after your kids. The babysitter that you hire will make sure that your kids eat their food on time, play a few games with them and then put them to sleep.

On the other hand if you have to go to work every day, how would you handle this situation? In this case

it would be necessary for you to take on the services of nannies in Dubai. Nannies are a lot like babysitters, but the fact is that they will do a whole lot more for your family. When it comes to babysitters they will either charge you a flat fee for the evening or you will have to pay them by the hour upon returning home. On the other hand, nannies are typically paid a salary on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The work a nanny does is that of an actual job instead of making a bit of money by babysitting in Dubai on a Friday night.

There are many different tasks that a nanny will perform around your house. Not only will she look after your babies she will further prepare their meals, cleanup, play games, give them a bath, help them with their homework and take them out for their lessons etc. The nanny you hire can live with your family but remember that you will have to give her a day off like any other job. If truth be told, taking on the services of a nanny can prove to be rather beneficial for your entire family as you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your children. The best part is that these are typically individuals who have acquired training in early childhood development and love to work with children.

While it is good to have a babysitter look after your children every once in a while, make sure that you do not confuse babysitting with the job of a nanny, who will work as a thorough professional and look after your children like her own.

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